Our name:

Our small urban spaces belong to a generation of consumers, yet we feel the longing to return to a more personally productive age inspired by the small family farm- but without buying it!  We call it

Pent Up Farms

taking your urban landscape and making it edible

We grow, design, and install urban edible landscapes that are

Our brand:

     Perma        Food           Scapes

  (perennial)  (edible)   (beautiful)

Our services:

Our growing interest:

-  Urban farm systems ( rainwater harvest, drip irrigation, organic swimming pools, heating and cooking with wood )

-  Urban farm hardware ( rediscovering the satisfaction of simple low-tech farm and kitchen tools)

-  Urban farm know-how ( gathering lost arts of sustainability )    

We want your input and experience. Contact us here.

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Pent Landscape, Inc.